Organic Sunscreen

The Sun is regarded as the source of energy, power and also seen as a literal and metaphorical brightness to us. Over the years and coming, due to deforestation and heavy industrialization, that same source has begun to shine on us more harshly, resulting in extreme discomfort to mankind as we step out of our sheds to make a living. To counter that, researchers of cosmetic companies noticed that discomfort and devised a formula to protect our skin against the Sun’s glare popularly known as Sunscreen creams.

The tropical climate of our country, tough though it is, helped us become more resilient to those harmful rays vis-à-vis the people living in the colder or non-tropical regions. But like everything else, there is a threshold defined for everything. The UV rays present in sunlight are harmful for our skin. Prolonged exposure to the skin is attached with development of skin cancer, skin ageing, immune suppression, cataracts and macular degeneration whereas short term exposure may cause sunburn, snow blindness and damage to an eye’s retina.

The Sunscreens available in the market these days do offer us respite but their chemicals, synthetic ingredients and various petrochemicals have lace our skin with more harm than good. For instance, Zinc oxide, a mineral used in non-organic sunscreen creams to absorb harmful UV rays could cause allergic reaction on skin i.e. burning, stinging, itching, discoloration. So, if a person has a sensitive skin or are allergic to this mineral, you can picture yourself with the above mentioned discomfort. This is not all. There are other dangerous chemicals used in commercial Sunscreen creams/ lotions. Avobenzone results in the release of free radicals responsible to increase the risk of cancer.  Fragrances infused in these creams are all artificial and mainly present to enhance the marketability of the products but anyone who is intolerant to it may severely suffer from allergies. Oxybenzone, may increase the risk of melanoma (skin cancer), hormone disruption and cell damage. Parabens used in these creams are found to be responsible for tumors, allergies, breast cancer etc. The list of disorders is endless and you never know what you might contract by usage of these chemical infused commercial sunscreens selling in the market.


The point that we are trying to stamp here is that there is now no need to expose yourself to these chemicals when you have a better, natural alternative in the market place—Organic Sunscreens. The product has been meticulously amalgamated with our campaign the Organic Cosmos Week. The products we have selected to feature on our online retail platform will shed light about the ingredients used by them. Below is the brief description about the products and their ingredients.

  1. Organic Harvest Sunscreen Gel SPF 15: it provides a broad spectrum protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Containing natural antioxidants and rehydrants, like Vitamin E, green tea, carrot seed, ginseng, sunflower oil, it blocks out harmful sun damage, maintaining the desired moisture level, removing tan and visibly lightening skin colour.
  2. Bio Bloom Anti- Tan Oil: Infused with the goodness of Liquorice, Cedarwood & Carrot seed, this oil provides protection against UV rays, provides hydration, glow and astringent to the skin. It also has a natural astringent with anti- fungal properties as well.

Apart from these, we are stocked with a gamut of other sunscreen products entrusted with natural and organic ingredients. The following are the benefits of using organic, natural sun-screen creams:

  1. All the ingredients used in the manufacturing are all natural and completely safe to use.
  2. They are non-greasy in texture.
  3. Known to enhance body’s immune response against UV rays.
  4. Keeps the skin healthy and supple as they are infused with Protein and Vitamin E.
  5. Safe to apply to all the body parts and won’t be washed away with sweat/water.
  6. Evens skin tone and helps in removing discoloration of any kind.
  7. Protects the skin against sunburn, blemishes and pigmentation.
  8. Restores natural fairness and glow.
  9. Helps in revitalizing damaged skin cells.
  10. Safe to use on any skin type, oily, sensitive or dry.
  11. Free of artificial fragrances and infused with only natural scents.