9 Organic Products that will help you detoxify your body

Our consuming lifestyle has led us to a point where we assimilate harmful agents into our body knowingly or unknowingly. These agents cripple our body and the evidence of it is alarmingly visible to us as well. Often we think about changing it but do not know how. Change is hard and we often do it for others than ourselves. Bad habits, lifestyle if subjected to immediate change doesn’t work. It should be organic and everlasting. So, let’s us first start by incorporating organic, natural and herbal products in your life to detoxifying your body, internally or externally with the toxins that you accumulated being ignorant.

What is detoxification?
Detoxification by definition is the removal of toxins in living beings both internally and externally.

Why is detoxification required?
Accumulation of toxins over a period put a lot of pressure on organs, hindering its performance. If toxins are not removed from our system it gives rises to diseases caused by the organ’s malfunction.

9 Organic Products that will help you detoxify your body internally and externally:

Green Tea:

This product has become a fad with everyone for benefits it provides. It is increasingly being consumed as a hot and a cold beverage. The flavonoid and catechin present in it are powerful antioxidants, meaning, they prevent the oxidation of other molecules in our body. It helps burn fat, lowers the risk of cancer and improves dental health. Abali, Deha, Khalas are brands which offer 100% organic certified teas which are free from pesticides and safe to consume.


Omega-3 Oil:

Omega-3 is fatty acid which required for metabolism. Its deficiency may lead to intellectual disability, seizures body. It is generally acquired in our diet through fish which is a very high source and detoxifies our body of harmful chemicals apart from other health benefits such as a well functional brain, nails, glowing skin etc.

Knowing the pathetic state our water bodies and the recently published report of WaterAid states that 80% of our water bodies are heavily contaminated with intoxicants. We shouldn’t risk our life consuming the fish brought from it. Instead, choose safe and organic products from Zenith Nutrition Vegan Omega-3 DHA, INLIFE Fish Oil – Omega 3 Capsules, Nature’s Velvet Fish Oil


It is a rich source of Vitamin C and is extremely helpful to detoxify your lungs apart from general well   being. If you can lay your hands on organic alma then well and good else you can choose organic products such as Grenera’s Amla Capsules, Herbal Hills Amla Health Juice to stay healthy and clean.

FLAX Seeds:

It is rich in Omega-3 and has contains all its detoxifying properties. It is commercially available in the market but it is always wise to choose the safest, pesticide free and organic seeds in the market. Sattvic Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Tattva Flax Seeds, Conscious Food offer are the leading manufactures providing organic flax seeds.


Neem, a herb extract, has been used through ages to provide various health benefits. But did you know that helps cleanse your blood from impurities apart from promoting health, maintaining healthy sugar levels and heals wounds. Truu Neem Herbal Tea, Herbal Hills Neem Powder, Shivalik Neem are some manufacture who offer organic, herbal, products which are safe to consume and replete with the benefits of Neem.

Aloe-Vera: It cleanses toxic matter from the stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and is the most effective colon cleanser. Also, multiple studies prove that Aloe Vera heals and sooths relief of indigestion, stomach problems. Try HealthAid Aloe Vera, Vedantika Herbals Aloe Vera Drink to power pack your body with its benefits.


Face and Body scrub: Not all toxins are deposited internally. Our body is exposed to the harshness of the environment throughout the day. To maintain a healthy skin, we need to exfoliate it regularly of dead skin, keep it smooth, glowing, better blood circulation. Sattvik Organics, BioBloom, Organic Harvest offer herbal products which detoxifies and visibly removes pore appearance apart from other benefits as mentioned above.   

Foot Scrub: Since we wear shoes, we assume that there is no need to cater to our feet. Wrong. Toxins, dead skin build on our feet over time. It hardens the skin, developing bacterial infection if ignored. Most commercial products available can cause irritation, allergies and burns to the skin and worsen their condition. Omved’s Exfoliating Foot Scrub contains 100% herbal ingredients which will scour away old dead skin to uncover fresh skin cells and restore youth to your feet.